The Other Mother

Interviewed by Katy Brand

Jen Brister is a critically acclaimed stand-up comedian, writer and actor who has performed five solo shows around the world and appeared on Comedy Central, BBC Two's Live At The Apollo and Frankie Boyle's New World Order.


And, more recently, she became a mum, too, after her partner gave birth to twins, and admits hat like every new parent, she had absolutely no clue what she was doing. ‘Add “gay” and “non-biological’”to the mix and what do you get? Not a weird box of detergent, but a panicked beige lesbian desperately googling, ‘Will my babies love me?’ at 3am,’ she says.


The Other Mother is a book for any parent who feels they don’t fit the mould of a traditional 2.4 family, offering a very funny, very honest look at life as a parent: from IVF awfulness to crying over the pages of sleep training manuals.

© Idil Sukan