Helen Lederer asks ‘how does wit work on the page?’ and ‘where are the women?’

Frustrated at the lack of recognition for the work of witty women writers , Ab Fab and Naked Video star Helen Lederer last year set up the Comedy Women In Print award to celebrate authors through a publishing deal for new writers and celebrate existing witty talent.     

 Here she will be joined by the funniest winners and celebrated authors to reveal what makes them laugh as they write. They will address the cringe factors as well as the essentials – from conception to publication.


 This light-hearted panel will be as entertaining as it is informative, whether you’re an aspiring author or just want to celebrate authentic women’s witty prose. 

Helen will be joined by Asia Mackay, whose debut thriller Killing It, received 'exceptional recognition' from the judges in the inaugural CWIP awards. They described the novel as 'transgressive, hilarious, inventive and very funny'.


The winner of the CWIP unpublished novel Kirsty Eyre talks about how she won the publishing deal with ‘Cow Girl’ (Harper Fiction)     

Suddenly, women’s wit is popular - and we’re not arguing with that’  
Helen Lederer 

‘Sausages are just funny. I don’t know why. I can’t explain it’
 Phoebe Waller Bridge.