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Sacred Cows? Comedy, Offence and the Outrage Machine

We live in a time when a joke can go round the world in a split second, getting you death threats in a dozen different countries and a hefty fine and a criminal record in this one. Why even bother with jokes in this brave new world of 24-hour news, snowflakes and Twitchfork Mobs?


 Hosted by comedy writer JAMES CARY, who's written jokes about bomb disposal in Afghanistan (Bluestone 42), defended comments about Islam by Ben Elton on Newsnight, been on a panel with radical Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary, sits on the General Synod of the Church of England and somehow managed to co-write episodes of Miranda. His book, The Sacred Art Of Joking is released on January 17.


Panel will include  comedian, former Westminster adviser and London Evening Standard columnist Ayesha Hazarika; Konstantin Kisin – the comedian who hit the headlines by refusing to sign a ‘safe space’ agreement to perform at a London college; and stand-up Jay Islaam, who once caused a stir over an Edinburgh Fringe offering provocatively titled Racist Joke Show.